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About Yahki

Yahki is a Web platform and a company that enables people to explore, organize and express their interests, passions and learning for life. We are international, serving schools, school systems, colleges, universities and other education agencies on every continent. After years of research and development, Yahki was launched in 2011 as a social network that offered its users powerful digital media mashup and publishing tools for everyday use. In 2013, Yahki was updated, established as a company and introduced to the education sector. Yahki has since been offered as a subscription service to school and higher education systems and is offered through regional business partners on a localised OEM basis, for example, Yahki is marketed in the Nordic region as ‘Create’ through business partners IST AB.

Yahki propels student assignments and teacher lesson resources to the day and age of social media and private Web publishing, taking the learning and teaching experience beyond what Word, PowerPoint and Publisher once offered on the desktop. Yahki provides safe, moderated hubs for learning communities yet provides optional global connectedness for authorized users. Yahki is a place where students learn by producing and refining their ideas, notes, blogs and multimedia presentations. Yahki means to ‘retell’ your learning. It is also a powerful storytelling toolset - an active, continuous learning environment. Yahki is hosted on dedicated private servers in the Amazon cloud. Yahki complies with international data privacy rules such as FERPA. With Yahki, Customers retain ownership of their data. Yahki does not share user identity data or store personal or academic student records. Yahki is often provided to younger students to support their learning of eSafety and responsible digital citizenship.

Yahki in education

Yahki provides the world’s first bridge between mainstream social media and a safe school or campus learning channel. Yahki allows each student, teacher and parent to easily collect, mash up and ‘channel’ posts safely to their moderated school network, and for authorised users to publish to their public network of friends, family and colleagues, all from one environment. There is no longer the need for isolated public social media environments and a separate school environment - Yahki is true to both. Unlike alternative teacher-student online environments, Yahki is authentic. Yahki does not feel like a ‘schooly’ portal. Yahki is a refreshingly real, moderated social media environment for learning. This energizes student and teachers as active, safely connected learners and producers in real-world settings.

Yahki for the general public

For teachers, leaders and other authorised adult users, Yahki provides tools to collect videos, images, articles and posts from across the Web, including social networks, and use them to create new articles or posts. Yahki enables authorised users to share collected content, ideas and experiences in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Yahki enables users to revisit their articles, see the popularity of their articles and interact with followers. Yahki also makes it possible to archive and curate your images, texts and articles as a maturing digital portfolio.

Yahki values

Yahki values your uniqueness and believes in your ability to influence others through your stories, articles and perspectives. Yahki empowers you integrate ideas and media to create fresh insights and to draw ideas from others. Yahki values digital citizenship, diversity, global understanding and connectedness.

Yahki corporate profile

Yahki Pty Ltd trades in the United States, Europe, Asia and MENA. Incorporated in NSW Australia, Yahki is marketed, developed and supported by an international team of educators, business developers, trainers, designers, software developers and support staff. Our largest markets are the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK, Australia, South East Asia, MENA and Eastern Europe. Mark Lamont is CEO of Yahki, supported by fellow board members Wafik Shamma (Chairman) and entrepreneur and designer, Ashraf Tawakkol . Yahki Pty Ltd is a joint venture of TayaIT ( and World Mosaic Pty Ltd ( For corporate or other business inquiries, please refer to or get in touch with us through other means indicated on our Contact us page.