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Yahki conditions of use and policies


Yahki (the "Service") is a Website of Yahki Pty Ltd (the Provider) incorporated in NSW Australia. Yahki serves Internet users worldwide. The Provider strictly adheres to internationally recognized standards for data protection, privacy, child safeguarding and human rights in the operation of the Service.

The Service is hosted on dedicated Yahki servers provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the United States and in Europe by IST AB. The Provider activates UK, Australian and other AWS locations as required to meet the data storage requirements of Customers in those locations. Yahki maintains sole access to and control of its dedicated AWS servers and data on those servers. Yahki does not make any user records available to third parties and Yahki asserts no ownership over those records and only stores the minimum information needed to provide the Service. In addition, Yahki asserts no ownership of the content produced by users.

Data protection compliance

Yahki complies with the following privacy and data protection requirements:

  1. Information collected from users by Yahki never has and never will be disclosed to other organizations or individuals unless specifically required by law or by consent of the individual.
  2. Individual records kept in the Service are limited to a name (or nickname) and in some cases an email address solely for the narrow purpose of enabling the Service to function securely.
  3. Yahki has mechanisms in User Settings for each user to review and regulate data about themselves, to ensure accuracy.
  4. Yahki deletes data when it is no longer needed to effectively operate the Service.
  5. Yahki refuses to transmit personal information to locations where "equivalent" personal data protection cannot be assured, and in any case, Yahki does not transmit data beyond the Service.
  6. Yahki does not collect sensitive personal information from any users, including students or minors. Yahki does not collect or store user addresses or the academic or health records of minors or even adults.
  7. Yahki moderates published content to ensure content is respectful and complies with legal and socially accepted standards, protecting users from inappropriate content.
  8. Yahki provides schools and teachers with secure Intranet environments, called Yahki channels, where children can engage in learning activities moderated by their teacher, subject to the Acceptable User Policies of each school or jurisdiction. Yahki channels, which are not visible to the Public, also provide safeguards to protect children from one another.

Terms of Use

By using the Yahki Services, Users agree to the following terms and conditions:

Acceptable Use Policy

Yahki is designed for use as a digital curation, mashup, publishing, ePortfolio and collaboration tool. The following common-sense Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is a condition of use of the Yahki Services. This AUP is designed to engage and protect users, Yahki and others:

  1. Users may not enter or upload information into Yahki that publicly identifies a child (minor) or sensitive information about a specific minor or minors.
  2. Users may not make entries or upload content to Yahki which is offensive or constitutes illegal content. Users accept that Yahki will, as required by laws including CIPA, report and hand over to relevant authorities any information that reflects unlawful use of Yahki and Yahki may suspend a user account under extreme circumstances, with notice to the user unless instructed otherwise by law enforcement agencies.
  3. A user may not use Yahki to plagiarize the ideas or content of another person or entity. Where another person or entity's work is referenced in Yahki, the source must be cited through text or a hyperlink, noting Yahki automatically does this for Collected Items.
  4. Users may not use Yahki to defame, harass, intimidate or bully others. All users are bound to use Yahki respectfully. Yahki provides tools for users in the Public domain to report inappropriate posts and in private Yahki channels, teachers and students are provided similar tools and additional safeguards for their users. Users who repeatedly do not respect other users in Yahki will have their privileges reduced or may, in some cases, be removed from the Service.

Obligations of Public users of Yahki

Public Users are people who create a Yahki account/s at , those accounts not being in connection with a Yahki education channel subscription. In other words, Yahki Public Users are users who are not connected to a school, university or other organization that subscribes to Yahki education channel. Public Users and Yahki education channel managers (typically school, district or university Customers) accept the following Conditions of Use:

  1. All intellectual property of the Yahki Website, including but not limited to its designs, software, brand and data are the exclusive property of Yahki Pty Ltd. While users take responsibility for the content they collect and publish in Yahki, users secure no right to the Yahki Services other than the right to use the Services as they were intended in accordance with these Conditions of Use.
  2. The User ensures they are legally and morally entitled to store or publish all and any content they collect, type or upload to the Yahki Service. Users, not Yahki, are responsible for the views, artworks, designs or literary assets they publish on Yahki, including in terms of copyright, defamation, and community standards. While Yahki moderates the Service and will act as set out in its policies and conditions to remove unacceptable content where it is identified, Yahki takes no responsibility for content users collect, save or publish on the Service, nor will Yahki pay compensation for content Users publish. Anyone who objects to content published on Yahki can and should contact Yahki as outlined below in the Complaints Policy at . Yahki will assess the each request in accordance with its policies and Conditions of Use and will deal with Users who have breached the Conditions of Use. The User accepts that Yahki’s response to any such complaint will not necessarily protect the User from legal remedies others may initiate and it is a Condition of Use of the Services that Users will not implicate or hold the Provider (Yahki) responsible, even in part, in such cases, nor will Yahki accept claims against Yahki in relation to the actions or inactions of Users.

This license for the Yahki Service is subject to these policies and Conditions of Use and the Law of NSW Australia and relevant international laws and Conventions.

Privacy policy and Yahki education channel use

Yahki cares about how personal information is used, stored and shared. Yahki takes user privacy seriously. By accessing or using Yahki ( ), the “Service”, users acknowledge that they accept this Privacy Policy. Use of the Service is always subject to this Privacy Policy.

The Service is made available to users, including teachers, students and other members of the community. Some Yahki users are members of private Yahki education channels as their school, campus or organization subscribes to the Services. Yahki reserves the right to suspend a user account where there is reasonable evidence that the user is not a bona fide member of a private Yahki channel.

Of importance to education users, Yahki complies with international student data privacy protection and online safety requirements such as the (US) Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the (Japan) My Number Act. Yahki only collects and uses user-provided information for the narrow purpose of enabling the Yahki Service to function and so we securely store, but never disclose to other parties, the following logs:

  • Browser data:
    • The user's IP address and the page/s a user requested.
    • User activity on the Service, and the number and frequency of visitors to components of the services.
  • User content:
    • User selections, collected content and entries by users
    • Peer relationships between users
  • PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
    • The name, email address, password, role, and where applicable, the related school or campus of the user, but noting, in Yahki's education Service, student aliases or nicknames may be used instead of actual names provided the teacher is able to verify each alias. Also, younger students are not required to enter any email addresses to activate and use the Service. In this way, it is possible for students, importantly minors, to use the Services without a single item of PII being stored in the Services.

Yahki does not correlate or connect browser data with PII, nor does Yahki share any of this information with other persons or organizations, nor does Yahki sell or seek to sell any of this this information. Yahki only stores minimal information in secure logs to the extent required to provide the Service.

Data Storage and Security Policy

While it is not essential for students to do so to access the Services, by providing an email address Yahki may send users communications specific to Yahki, for example verification of a changed password or a notification about a new article published by a teacher or a connected user. Yahki does not use Web beacons to determine whether such emails have been opened. Yahki does not store sensitive student information such as academic records, health records or addresses. Yahki does not ask users for or access or track location-based information from user's mobile devices. Any change in this regard will only occur upon the Provider notifying the User that Location Services being available and it will be for each User to decide whether to utlize that service.

Yahki only uses aggregated data to understand the relative use of different parts of the Services. Yahki does not analyse or report on the use of the Services by specific users. Yahki will only release Personal Information when obliged to do so to comply with the law, such as to comply with a subpoena; enforce or apply our Conditions of Use and other agreements; or protect the rights, property, or safety of Yahki, its employees, contractors, users, or others. Unless restricted by law enforcement agencies or contrary to the interests of public safety, Yahki will give users notice if it releases information for these reasons.

Yahki account PII and user content is protected by a password for users' privacy and security. Yahki also uses technical practices to prevent attack on the Services from browsers and malicious code scripts. User data collected and stored on the Services are protected at a technical and operational level in the following ways:

  • Industry standard secure authentication Web Services
  • Cloud data hosting at an industry-standard secure Tier 3 hosting facility
  • Daily back-up of user data stored securely at a separate facility

Users may currently access (and delete) the following information in Yahki:

  • User's password
  • Content in the user's account, including articles and uploaded content
  • Links to the user's Yahki connections.

Users are able to compose, draft, update, publish and delete information in their Yahki account. Users may request the deletion of their information by Yahki by emailing . Yahki will undertake several verifications before deleting the information.

Yahki will retain basic user records for as long as an account is active or as long as needed to provide the Service. Yahki may also retain and use user information to comply with Yahki's legal obligations, resolve disputes, and to enforce our agreements.

Yahki may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. Yahki will provide users at least two (2) weeks' notice by email before a change is effective. Users are bound by such changes if and when he/she uses the Services after the conclusion the two (2) week notice period. This notice period only applies to changes to the Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Yahki's policies, please send us a detailed message to or call us at +61 (0) 0403816452 or on one of the other numbers around the world on our 'Contact us' page.

Yahki company policies

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Equal Opportunity in Employment Policy
  • Continuous Improvement Policy
  • Quality Assurance Policy
  • Complaints Policy Evaluation Policy.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Yahki recognises its moral and legal responsibilities under occupational health and safety (OH&S) legislation to provide a safe and healthy work environment. This commitment means that Yahki will:

  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace and working conditions for all, including employees, contractors, customers and visitors
  • Provide training to enable all employees to work safely
  • Comply with all relevant legislation and industry standards
  • Provide support and assistance to employees to keep safe
  • Consult with staff and contractors where relevant to enhance the effectiveness of procedures
  • Provide adequate resources to aid employees in fulfilling their responsibilities
  • Conduct investigations into all reported incidents
  • Ensure that appropriate return to work programs are in place
  • Conduct regular reviews and evaluations of the health and safety systems in place.

While at work, all Yahki employees irrespective of their position will:

  • Take reasonable care to ensure good health and safety procedures are implemented at all times
  • Identify and support measures to eliminate or minimise unsafe conditions
  • Assume personal responsibility for their own safety and for those of other work colleagues by always operating in a safe and appropriate manner.

Continuous improvement policy

Yahki is a Service devoted to continuous improvement. Accordingly, the team at Yahki sets itself high expectations to improve as a Provider. Yahki conducts regular software improvement meetings, setting out actions to continually improve the product. Yahki utilises Agile and SCRUM Develop methods to improve the Service. Product reviews consider feedback and evaluations from Customers, users and partners in relation to development strategies. All Yahki sessions with schools are supported with session evaluations which ask:

  • From 1 to 10, how would you rate the Yahki professional learning session?
  • What was done well?
  • What could have been done better?
  • What did you get out of the session?

Yahki reviews and celebrates key milestones in its ongoing development on a quarterly basis.

Equal Opportunity in Employment Policy

Yahki provides a workplace where equal opportunity is valued. Yahki recognises its moral and legal responsibilities to provide an equal opportunity workplace. The objective of Yahki is to improve business success by:

  • Attracting and retaining the best possible employees and contractors
  • Providing a safe, respectful and flexible work environment
  • Delivering our Services in a safe, respectful and reasonably flexible way.

Yahki will do this is by:

  • Ensuring that all recruitment, selection and promotion decisions are based on the best qualified and experienced candidate who can perform the genuine occupational requirements of the position.
  • Providing equal opportunity in employment to all suitably able people without discrimination or harassment based on personal characteristics
  • Ensuring employees are treated fairly and equitably in an environment free of bullying, racism, harassment and sexual harassment.

Quality assurance policy

Yahki's operations utilise a QMS (Quality Management Systems) approach that focuses on quality earlier in the process. Yahki follows the eight principles of ISO 9000 as follows:

  1. Customer focus: Understanding current and future customer needs, exceeding customer expectations.
  2. Leadership: Yahki creates and maintains an internal and customer-facing environment in which people can become fully involved in achieving Yahki's and the Customer's objectives.
  3. Involvement of people: People are the essence of Yahki. Their abilities can be used for the Yahki's benefit.
  4. Process approach: Yahki's goals are supported more efficiently when activities and related resources are managed as a process, however, process is not the goal
  5. System approach to management: Yahki values the identification, understanding and management of interrelated processes as a system to contribute to Yahki's success.
  6. Continual improvement: Continual improvement is a permanent objective of Yahki and of Yahki for its customers.
  7. Factual approach to decision making: Yahki's decisions are based on the analysis of data and information.
  8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships: Yahki and its suppliers and customers are interdependent. Yahki strives to secure and develop mutually beneficial relationships enhances the ability of all stakeholders to create value.

Complaints policy

Yahki's goal is to provide an excellent service to Customers and to be a good industry citizen. As communication and education are central to Yahki's offering, we value feedback from Customers and partners. Accordingly, Yahki commits to immediately respond to and address complaints. Complaints can be made by calling our Service desk at +6129852965 or by writing to us at . Yahki will in each case make a record of the complaint; confirm with the complainant that the record is accurate; advise what we are doing about it; escalate complaints of a more serious nature; address the issue within the complaint; communicate the resolution or outcome of the complaint to the complainant, contact the complainant to ensure the issue has been dealt with satisfactorily.