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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Yahki?

    Yahki is a new service that provides a set of smart tools enabling you to collect the best images, videos, different published articles on the Web and social networks, to create your own new story, reflecting your personal and unique touch.

  • Why is Yahki unique?

    For the first time, Yahki provides the ability to create a whole new story from all the content published over the web and social networks. also provides free space to publish your stories, so you can refer to them at any time, to modify, edit or delete. In addition, Yahki allows you to share your posts and stories over social networks like Facebook & Twitter.

  • Does Yahki publish news? is not a publisher and its aim is not to publish content on the Internet. It allows you to collect different content from various locations and then share with others, with your own personal flavor, respecting intellectual property rights and copyright of original owners.

  • Who can use Yahki services?

    The services of are available to anyone in any language.

  • Do you need to login to be able to use the services of Yahki?

    Yes, you have to sign-in so that you can enjoy the various services provided by Yahki. Usually the registration process takes only few minutes. You do not need an account to view and enjoy stories available on Yahki. However you need to be a registered user (have an account) to be able to make your own stories.

  • How do I register in Yahki?

    You must register with Yahki using the same login data in your Facebook.

  • How does Yahki deal with personal data?

    Yahki saves personal information provided by the user in the registration process, such as full name and e-mail information, which are originally used to save user’s settings. This information is also used to provide knowledge of preferences and the scope of user’s interests, which contribute to improving service. Later, this information is used as a way of communicating with our users for our contests and prizes. Yahki does not share its user’s information with any institution, company, entity, governmental or non-governmental. Its use is limited to the TayaIT team only, and for the purposes mentioned above.

  • How do I restore a password?

    When you forget the password registered at Yahki, click on "Forgot Password" located on the home page of the site. On the pop-up that appears, enter the email address you entered during the registration process, and yahki will send you a message with your password.