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Created on September 01 , 2020 @ 02:48 PM GMT

What Are the Best Methods for Hiding Your Marriage From Your Girlfriend?

So how does a man go about hiding his marriage from his girlfriend?

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    • You've found a gorgeous girl online- she's unbelievable. Smart, attractive, funny. And she likes you. There's only one small catch: you're married. And you don't want her to find out. If she found out, she might stop seeing you - or even worse, might get angry enough to create all sorts of problems. So how does a man go about hiding his marriage from his girlfriend?

      ·         Take off the ring. It seems so simple, but it's the biggest giveaway that many men overlook. When you want to hide your marriage, take off your ring and hide the ring-line. Women always look.

      ·         Lose the references. Another typical slip-up is to mention your wife, her family or a situation without thinking, because it's natural. Watch what you say when you're speaking about anything at home or home-related.

      ·         Clean out your wallet and phone. If your wallet is lying around, she'll snoop. It's a curiosity of what mementos mean enough to be in your wallet. The same goes for the phone- most called, old messages or texts can all be accessed when you're not looking. Cover your tracks.

      ·         Don't mix and match. To hide your marriage from your girlfriend, you need to keep the two completely separate. Don't call her from home, or call home when you're with her. Even though you might be careful with what you say, your body language will say volumes and get her suspicions up.

      ·         Warn your friends. Anytime you introduce her to a friend, colleague or family member- make sure you've spoken to them first. They could mention your wife innocently, or want to expose you because they disagree with your choices.

      ·         Keep it simple. The more lies you tell, the more you have to remember- which means more chance of flubbing up and making a mistake. Keep what you tell her close to the truth, with some omissions or additional details.

      ·         Take her away for trips. Taking her away for some time increases your intimacy- and takes away the possibility of running into people you and your wife know. She'll love your spontaneity and romantic gesture - without being aware that you're hiding your marriage from her.

      By using at least a few of these tips, you'll definitely have more chance at success with hiding your marriage. It will also help you to organize yourself so that you don't tip her off with stupid mistakes. Hiding your marriage from your girlfriend can be a little difficult at times, but keeping her happy is worth it.

      10 Phrases Women Use on Men

      There are many different phrases women use on men. There are phrases to shut men up and there are phrases to make men feel bad. Men need to know how to react when a woman uses these phrases. Here is a list of the most common ones used today.

      1) I’m Fine: When a female answers a question saying they are fine, they are most likely not fine. They are just saying that to make you feel bad and investigate the situation further. If they were fine they would say they are good. The “I’m fine” answer is the most generic way to answer a question.

      2) Whatever: If you hear this phrase you are in trouble. Women usually say this when they are mad at someone or in a bad mood. They don’t feel like giving a real answer so they will simply say whatever.

      3) I Don’t Want Anything: If you are asking your girlfriend what she wants as a present, she might tell you she doesn’t want anything. This means she wants you to buy her a present without her telling you to. You need to find the perfect gift to show how much you care for her.

      4) Remember What Today Is? If your girlfriend or wife asks you this question, you better remember what that day is. Whether it is an anniversary or a birthday, you need to know every important date regarding your relationship.

      5) Its up to you: If you guys are deciding what to do or where to eat, she might tell you to decide. When this happens, you need to be careful with your answer. If you know her well enough to what she doesn’t like, don’t pick that activity or restaurant.

      6) We need to talk: When you hear this phrase, this means something has happened or you are about to get dumped. If you want to avoid this conversation, don’t let her bring this subject up. If you start to have this conversation, you might end up single in the end.

      7) How do I look? Always answer her positively. Don’t ever tell her she looks bad, even if she does. This will give her the confidence she needs to stay happy. If she is unhappy with the way she looks, you will be unhappy too.

      8) What did I just say? This is a test to see if you were listening. The best ideas for this phrase is to either always listen to what she has to say, or make something up. If you are wrong with what you say, you might get in trouble.

      9) Five minutes: This actually means it will take about a half an hour. No woman can really get ready within 5 minutes. She might claim it will only take 5 minutes to get ready, but you will probably be waiting on her for at least 20 minutes.

      10) Are you really going to wear that? This means you better turn around and change your outfit instantly. She probably thinks your outfit looks bad and doesn’t want to be seen in public with you.

      If you hear these phrases from your girlfriend or wife, you should react the correct way. An incorrect reaction might cost you the relationship.

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